PLDT: How to complain to DTI and NTC through e-mails

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6 thoughts on “PLDT: How to complain to DTI and NTC through e-mails

    • Well, what happened was I submitted a complaint to DTI for false advertising. PLDT and I were set for 2 mediation meetings wherein a DTI mediator will try to resolve the problem. However, PLDT was a no show twice. I was later informed by DTI, by mail, that the complaint was being handled by their legal team and that it was recommended for legal action. However, after that…nada. Not a peep. Sigh.


  1. recently filed a complaint as well. after reading your page, this is disconcerting. No wonder PLDT has the tenacity to ignore their client base since the persons responsible for keeping them in check are themselves exemplary examples for PLDT to follow.


    • Just to add an update – nothing came out of the complaint that I filed with the DTI. After I received notification that the complaint was escalated to the DTI legal team with a recommendation for action, I have not received further updates from DTI. At the time the mediator informed me that if legal action will push through then I would act as a witness, however I was never called to do so.


  2. Mag comment lng poh… Ano po b dpat gwin jan s PLDT WIFI… mhigit isang buwan n hndi p nlilipat ang wifi nmin. Ng bbyad nmn kmi ng tama… Mula umpisa pnapaasa lng kmi ng mga nkausap nmin n nxt week dw ililipat e mhigit isang buwan n poh… Tga tatalon quezon city lng poh kmi… Pls help po… Now pnutul n nla ung wifi hndi nman nilipat…


    • I hate to say it, but I’ve found that the best way to complain and to receive immediate concrete action with our utility and telecom companies is to pester them tirelessly through all avenues of communication. That means I call them, I email them, I chat with them through Facebook, and I tweet them if they have a Twitter account. Also I ensure that I write down all reference numbers, escalation ticket numbers, etc. I also write down the names of the agents and customer representatives that I was able to speak with to make them accountable. I even ask them for the name of their supervisor or their call center site or chat center etc. IT IS SUPER EFFECTIVE! Making the people I speak with accountable ensures that they do DO SOMETHING in my account.


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